Damhanit Doyle

Written by good friend and collaborator, Serena Ryder.

Anyone out there been chomping at the bit to hear some REAL music with a beautiful REAL voice talking about actual REAL LIFE? In this day and age, it’s what we all need!  Well, look no further, Damhnait Doyle has made a record for our hungry hearts.

Liquor Store Flowers is the culmination of this lifetime of heartbreaks and heartwarming experiences. It jolts with honesty and strength in the kick off track “That’s What You Get”. You’ll be completely drawn in by “Missed Call”, a very sad tale of a life lost too soon. Just as you think the songs are taking you too deep, (like in my personal fav “Birthday Parties”), Dav takes you back up with the title track “Liquor Store Flowers” and then on to “Time Bomb” with tongue in cheek brevity and kickass cunning. This record is an emotional cornucopia and I dare you to not relate wholeheartedly to every song.

One of the most accomplished and talented singers in Canada, Damhnait’s been in the music business since she was a kid, has countless chart-topping hits and has toured this country backwards and forwards. If you know ANYTHING about great Canadian music, you know about the voice of Damhnait Doyle… but you DON’T know her like this.

Damhnait [DAV-net] has just officially kicked her own awesome ass creating her seminal album, Liquor Store Flowers.

“I’ve been entranced with Dav’s music since her first record but what has always impressed me the most is that she is constantly evolving.  The Damhnait Doyle on this new album is FULLY evolved. This is the culmination of every note sung until now and the wait was well worth it.  It’s her best work yet.”
Mark Critch (this hour has 22 minutes)

I couldn’t agree more. I remember first meeting Dav when I was 22… her reputation preceded her as the star that she’s always been, and I was in awe of her at first sight. I followed her around like a puppy, and I owe a lot of what I know about taking care of myself as a woman in this industry to her.

Over the last few years, Dav has taken the reins BIGTIME as a woman in the music industry behind the scenes. She’s helping the industry move towards a place of equality by taking on the titles of SOCAN Director, VP of the Songwriters Association of Canada”, and as a board member of the Canadian Songwriter’s Hall of Fame.

In the last 20 years, Dav has done more living than most people would experience in 20 lifetimes… being an actress, signing major label record deals, traveling the world, writing her own book, being a part of two successful bands, taking pilgrimages to other countries to learn about how to be a global citizen, actively involving herself in her community by sponsoring Syrian refugees, and doing hands on community and charity work, and she’s the mother of 2 beautiful young girls! Damhnait doesn’t boast about any of this … she does it all with serious dedication and care.

Damhnait has always had “that look”. The look of one that knows a lot more that what she’ll ever tell you … like maybe there’s a secret puzzle to be solved in the world. I think just maybe you’ll find the answer in Liquor Store Flowers.

Serena Ryder

“I met Damhnait when she was 17, a beautiful brooding proud Newfoundland debutante with a sarcastic wit .  As I grew to know her over the years, I saw and experienced the giant heart, social conscience, and caring sense of justice that she wears like a cloak.  Passion for life, family, people, music… some fake it or feel and express it on occasion in small bites, but Damhnait lives it, she wears it on the sleeve of that cloak.    Her singing and her writing has always been good. This record, in all its outlaw rootsy ragged glory, is great! A woman all grown up and realized, caution to the wind with scars laid bare.  You cannot listen to it and not be deeply moved by that passion… “
Tom Cochrane